Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sudden realisation

It has just occurred to me that you can apply a more literal interpretation to "a rallying cry" when you're watching tennis, especially re: Francesca Schiavone (really wish she'd won!).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to ruin your Friday

To people who care about their computing experience, there is no question more polarising than "what is a good OS to use?"

For hoi polloi like myself, the issue was always between Mac and Windows (I still think a mac is something you wear when it rains), and I was pretty proud of myself when I used the terms "Android" and "platform" correctly.

In fact, Enfant Terrible has been nagging me to switch to Linux for years because it's "more secure" and you can fiddle with the code and all that. I'm just happy to have a computer that doesn't take 5 minutes to start up (you could do 4x5 reps in that time). It's true that virii don't hit Linux PCs, but there's still one piece of malware even the most Intrepid Ibex* would be unable to foresee.

Best post-match interview ever

Scene: The post-match interview at the 2011 Australian Open in Melbourne.

The score: 6-2 7-5 6-3

Cast: Rafael Nadal, who's been looking a little chunkier than usual lately, has just beaten home favourite Bernard Tomic (18; really weedy).
Jim Courier - on-court interviewer
Crowd - boisterous Aussies of every stripe


Jim: So, Rafa, second set... 4 sets to love down, what was going through your mind?

Rafa: Uh... I gotta win the third set!

Jim: Could you walk us through some of the tactics you used against Bernard?

Rafa: Uh... first of all *delves in to clever, adaptive strategies like getting closer to the net and playing "straighter" as my eyes glaze over with boredom* and, uh.... I found what I need to destroy him.


Crowd: *kills itself laughing*

Jim: *giggles nervously*

Rafa: *well aware of what's just happened* NO, sorry... is that word, is other word... I dunno other word.

Showing off his Richard Mille watch,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surfeit of slang

Note to self: when ruminating (to yourself) about how hard it is to get the new work year started after a lovely long holiday, the correct (and appropriate) comparison to "getting back in the saddle again" is NOT "after going bareback* for the past 2 weeks".

Ta very much.

* entirely work-unsafe reference to something that is NOT work.

Complete this sentence

I love children...

... they go great with tomato sauce and mustard.

... because they give me hope for the future.

... the contents of their diaper are not my problem.

... because they remind me anything is possible.

... you can dress them in goofy outfits and they don't know enough to rip them off and hate you for the rest of their life.

... they're so cute!

... I can return them to their parents when it's time to go home.