Friday, September 21, 2012

Overheard on a boat

Wherever you travel, day excursions are a great way to meet people from other countries. You'd be surprised by the things you never knew you never knew. Enfant Terrible and I went snorkeling in Krabi, and there was a group of Americans on the long-tail boat:

[At a snorkeling spot. Some opt to remain onboard while the others splash around in the water. A young American woman (YA) makes small talk with a non-American woman (NA).]

YA: Where are you from?
NA: I'm South African, but I was born in Namibia.
YA: *gapes* Where?
NA: Namibia.
YA: Wow, where is it?
NA: *bemused* It's in Africa.

[Those on board start tuning in in earnest.]

YA: Namibia is in Africa? Oh my god... I'm doing geography and I've never even heard of Namibia!

NA: Well... it's a pretty small country.
YA: Oh my god, "Namibia"... what's it called, really?
NA: Er... Namibia.
YA: Wow.

[YA's friends climb back onto the boat.]

YA: You guys, this is [Woman] and she's from Namibia!

Elswhere, the Thai name for "fox" is also "musang".