Monday, November 3, 2014

TMI: PMS and fitness

As most women would probably know, your level of physical activity, and by extension, fitness, directly affect the severity of your PMS.

That is, unless, you're one of those lucky bitches who doesn't experience it, in which case: you lucky bitch.

As a baseline, I get bloated, stupid, forgetful, CLUMSY, irritable. Further reading reveals that PMS also heralds flatulence and constipation (AND diarrhea wtfwtf). The point is, most female bodies go haywire during PMS, and then they bleed and manage not to die from blood loss, so... I don't know. Hurray, nature?

Based on my observations, about a month of proper running and yoga has minimized all that. As in, I was kind of bloated but didn't feel like a whale, the irritability/moodiness lasted about 2 days, and everything else was pretty much packed into the day before my period started, so you can imagine the wreckage that ensued when I went to the club that morning.

Overall, a definite improvement. Also, I have no fast foods cravings anymore, but wouldn't turn down a good serving of pasta and cheese.