Saturday, March 24, 2012

Travel tips: Grooming

The only thing you're allowed to neglect when you go on a beach holiday in Koh Samui is your internet habit. Other than that, you owe it to yourself and the pictures you will take to take care of yourself.

This sign at Big Buddha temple says, "No matter how big (important) you are in life, you will always be smaller than your coffin."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Suburban deathtrap

The last time she counted, my neighbour had 13 cats. I believe none are spayed/neutered, which means she'll probably wind up with more in the next few months.

Naturally, the range in which they roam overlaps with our conventional human boundaries. This means we have to check under our cars to ensure we don't inadvertently run over a snoozing kitty. We also have to scrutinise sandy patches very carefully before stepping on them, lest we stumble into the litter box of the week.

Currently, our front porch has been claimed by a white and grey cat that spends its afternoons guarding it behind closed eyes. To ensure no intruders sneak up on it, it wedges itself securely into a dustpan in the corner, shielding its face with one paw to protect itself from shrapnel. Or something.

Come evening, it uncoils itself, stretches, and stalks off to capture a hapless feeding bowl.

I suppose it's also understandable that a family of shrews would find the numerous plants in our garden reassuringly tall, and appear with clockwork punctuality every morning to frolic and mock the cats that have to stay indoors.

That said, the areas away from the houses look like a veritable animal kill zone. You can't go 2 weeks without seeing a cat or shrew that has been run over by a motorist. Often, the cats look like someone's pet (can't say the same for the shrews).

I don't have pets, but surely it isn't that much trouble to take your foot off the gas just that little bit, or neuter/spay your pets to reduce the carnage on our roads?


Last year, Enfant Terrible and I planned a week-long getaway for next week. At the time, the motivation wasn't due to year-end work pressure; rather, the flight was cheap.

As I wind up work for this week, I can't help feeling that a break is an excellent idea, mainly because the following has been occurring with greater frequency lately:

Mum (calling from the market): Eh, wanna buy rib-eye steak ah?
Me: Whatever for... up to you lah, it's not my money anyways, hehe.
Mum: Aiyah, I buy lah; you cook. Heheh.

Bro2: Eh, you going holiday next week issit?
Me: Yeah.
Bro2: Wah, so nice ah holiday... EH, means next week no cooking ah??? WHAT WILL WE EAT?
Me: That is not my fucking problem!

Corporate Client Handler*: Hi, could you edit this [few thousand word] PDF** document?
Me: Apologies, but I'm handling 2 private clients at the moment (ooh, look at you, gurl), so I won't be able to accept anything more this week.
CCH: BUT... There aren't any other editors who can do this T____T

* For want of a better term
** You use annotation software, and it's like working in PhotoShop or GIMP, but with words.