Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A matter of time

Dumb: Trying to overtake a tour bus on a 2-lane, no-overtaking road. 
Dumber: Tailgating the bus. 
Dumbest: Switching on your high-beams and tailgating said bus so that the driver will get the idea and move out of your way.

Lady, I'm sure you feel like a badass bitch in your big Mazda (I'm not bitter), and I'm sure you were on your way to an important Sunday engagement organised exclusively for the likes of drivers like yourself, but

bus drivers are the baddest asses of all drivers because they have to put up with drivers like you every day; the bus didn't even have a rear window or safety camera, so let's not bet that he knew you were even there air-kissing his bumper.

Me, I was in the car behind you, running through my scant emergency medicine repertoire, just in case.