Monday, December 13, 2010

On misplaced affection

Normally I scoff at silly females who name their appliances. Why the hell would anyone call a laptop Bernie, or coo over a huge kitchen mixer whom they've named Alfred?


Well, you know what happens when you scoff at something - you wind up doing the same damn thing you mocked. Currently, I'm so enamoured of the wicked little red peeler I got from Daiso on Sunday that I think of it as my "little 5-inch wonder".

My new best friend.

The sound of mocking laughter echoes bitterly in my head.

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Snuze said...

I used to think my Dad's propensity for matching the colour of the hangers to the outfit was taken to new demented heights when he started to arrange the hangers by colour as well.

Now *I* am OCD enough to rearrange the hangers according to the colour code BEFORE I hang up the laundry.

When will the echoes of the mocking laughter die down?

On that note, pictures of your new best friend, please?