Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stray thoughts

I have an intense interest in gadgety things, but can never bring myself to buy any stuff because of the price attached to such shiny items. I guess that's why it costs what it does, right, because it doesn't just do what it's supposed to do, but also arouses jealousy and covetousness in thy neighbour while it does so. I mean, I might seriously consider some breaking and entering if I knew that my neighbour had a shiny curvy espresso machine, too.

Anyway, I was browsing the Lava Coffee site and found that they're opening a bricks and mortar cafe in Bangsar (OMG IT'S OPENING TOMORROW). It's called Antipodean Cafe, so I'm holding out in hope that we'll see one Mr Bana there one day.

So the owner(s?) chronicled the establishment of the new establishment as best they could, and there were pictures of the day they got their 15 kg Toper roaster (made in Turkiye). Judging from the pictures though, it looks like it weighs closer to 50 kg, given the size of the crate and what all.

Image used without permission from Antipodean Cafe, 20 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

... it actually means you can dump 15 kg of beans in there, doesn't it? Doh.

It's a marvellous looking thing (looks like a barbecue/smoker) made of metal with lots of buttons and levers and a chamber in to which all the wonderful aromatic intoxicating coffee beans will go and come out the other end smelling like heaven.

I'd hate to see the instruction manual though. There is one, right?

So, I was wondering: do the people who deliver and unpack this stuff ever want to try it out? If I had to deliver and assemble a thermocycler or spectrophotometer, I'd be pretty curious about what would happen if I pressed a bunch of buttons when no one was looking. Hehe.

There's nothing more fun than pressing buttons (aside from breaking shit); why do you think the fire department gets so many prank calls?


Snuze said...

That kind of thought process is the reason why you are not a technical specialist paid to set up equipments worth zillions.

Angela Gripesalot said...