Friday, April 27, 2012

Life as we know it

Strange but true:

Malaysians spend countless hours on "social networking" in the hopes of meeting that One True Person with whom they want to spend their life with.

This, in comparison to setting aside about 30 minutes each March/April to figure out how they've spent their earnings over the last fiscal year (assuming you're simple like me). 

These people will actually find someone to communicate with, and soon prepare self and same for a breathlessly awaited visit/gift from The One.

They are also only too happy to help The One/gift from The One enter the country by paying the customs tax/what-have-you that the evil Customs Department has arbitrarily imposed on the diamond ring/laptop/collector's item animal/The One to the tune of thousands, if not tens of thousands of their own hard-earned money.

This, instead of the final tax amount payable to their own country, which is paltry by comparison.

Of course, the promised item/One doesn't show up ever because it was all a scam. The swindle will make the newspapers again, and I will have to read that instead of some delicious gossip involving a naked celebrity and delectable items of food.

And please let's not go into the whole promised 200% ROI and mystical medium lottery numbers thing. There wouldn't be enough internet to go around.

I find it incredible that there really are people (women) out there who are so lonely and/or have such low self-esteem that they fall for this bullshit. I feel sorry for them and I'm angry that they've been brought up in such a way that they perceive such "romancing" to be right and true.

I'm naive, of course, but I believe that there would be fewer victims if more people just held the view that "my money is mine, and you can make your own bloody bread/bed, thank you very much".

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