Monday, November 26, 2012

Twu Wuv (or something like it)

Imagine this: The boyfriend agrees to look up the trailer for Red Lights* because Cillian Murphy is in it.

He types the title into the YouTube search bar and the auto-complete list appears.
As one, you both gasp in horror at the suggestion that reads "red lights movie 2012 spoilers", and practically slam the tab shut.

I believe that it is difficult to find someone like that. Gasping with the same tone and duration as you do, and for the same reasons, means that the two of you share something special that goes beyond an appreciation of an impossibly fine-boned and fine actor. 

You should hold on to such a person if you find them; and hold tight, because the world is likely to come howling to your doorstep and baying for your blood, wild with jealousy after realizing that somehow, you of all people have the privilege of calling this gem yours.

Right, back on the meds now.

* Absolutely not the sequel to the nervy Red Eye (2005).

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