Monday, June 24, 2013

Different perspectives

It's actually become a point of pride for me now to stay vegetarian. As vegetarian as I am right now, at any rate. The staff at Indian restaurants seem to get a kick out of it when Enfant Terrible and I turn down suggestions of mutton curry and the like "because we're vegetarian".

Most of the staff are vegetarian themselves, although a recent exchange I had with one fellow made me realize that not everyone is vegan 24/7.*

He: Today vegetarian ah?
Me: Yep, every day. You too?
He: Oh god, no, it's Friday.
Me: What happens on Friday... oh, non-vegetarian on Fridays?
He: On weekends. Whee!**

* Technically, it's impossible to be "pure" vegetarian because an amount of animal protein winds up in food during processing anyway. Anthony Bourdain said so.
** His expression said "Whee!"

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