Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking stock

Enfant Terrible and I both gained weight last year; he more than I, but the point is we both would have to pay more if we were to check ourselves in as luggage on a flight.

First world problems are embarrassing. Lifestyle diseases are all a direct result of your own indulgence in the advantages your cushy life affords you. In the grand scheme of things, they does nothing to advance world peace; the demands of an affluent society increase/highlight the disparity between that of a poorer one.*

Enfant Terrible has since started to eat less and move more. I initially had a head-start over him in terms of the let's get healthy initiative, but he is clearly the more disciplined half.**

Our approaches to fitness are wildly disparate, to put it mildly. He favors the whole endurance training thing, whereas I believe that it isn't worth that much pain to work up a sweat. 

Still, we've managed to convince one another to try out each other's approach: I do a circuit training thing each day*** and he does jumping jacks; he drags me out for a run every evening, during which I trot along dutifully until I'm winded, then walk briskly, breaking into a trot again whenever he turns around to check on me. 

It's working out quite well I think.

* Guilt of privilege is another first world problem that first world residents try to alleviate by throwing as much money and goods as they can afford at less privileged countries.

** He is able to say no to a second green tea mochi U_U

*** Original article by the American College of Sports Medicine. The more sets you do, the more you burn.

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