Saturday, August 2, 2014

Never-ending story

Am currently in week 3 of a 4-week staycation and it feels like the days have melted together. I'm not even sure when exactly my holiday began anymore.

Staying in an apartment is still a surreal experience for me. I'm in a building, but I'm also above ground level. I walk around this fifth-floor unit and the idea that everything might just fall over and I will die is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

Well, now I'm thinking about it a little. That and what dead silence will sound like when I'm back home. There's a kampung right next to the apartment block (it was here long before the apartments, obviously), and the insomniac inhabitants' main mode of transport is noisy scooters.

It's a working staycation though, so my brain hasn't turned completely to mush, though that can't be very far ahead in the future.

(I've been eating a lot of pasta.)

I don't know when the novelty of just doing what I usually do, but in a different location, will wear off. I don't think I want it to.

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