Monday, June 1, 2015

Lose-lose cycle

When it's dry out, we complain about the heat. Staying in the air-conditioned indoors is more attractive. So we drive to the mall or the cafe, or stay home. A haze results from vehicle exhaust, dust, and other assorted air-borne particles present in the Klang Valley, which seems to be under perpetual construction and/or upgrading. It gets hotter (from various emissions) and dryer. Tons of laundry is done amid the complaining.

As the vehement grumbling reaches a fever pitch, it rains. Then, it's too wet to go out. Water and other disgusting dirt on the Malaysian pavement render flip-flops untenable. Also, it's cold. It's better to stay indoors or drive to an al fresco cafe for a piping hot cuppa and watch the world go by. Except there's no one on the streets because everyone is staying indoors and wishing that the rain would just stop already.

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