A Cast of Thousands

Mum – My mother. Retired math and English teacher turned gym bunny/contract teacher (affordable rates available!). Bench presses 300lbs on a bad day.

Dad – My father. Retired history teacher turned trade area manager for the high commission of a country I probably shouldn't name in order to protect his identity. They take their Eskimo pies seriously, mind.

Bro1 – Brother. Bald. Lives on protein powder. Frequently mistaken as someone who bats for the other team for some reason.

Bro2 – Brother. Pesky. Mainly nocturnal. Opens beer bottles with his teeth.

Aunt and Uncle Annabelle – Travel industry experts who live, liek, 50km away but work here in Taman Tun. I guess they really like the view.

Enfant Terrible – Boyfriend since 2003/2004of 5 years. Or is it 6… Four? Sorry, boyfriend! Husband since 2014!

Baby - Daughter. Born 2016. A 34-week preemie with IUGR (I had pre-eclampsia) (I still feel bad about it). Not the center of my universe but certainly the light of my life. Not sure about good things coming in small packages but she certainly has energy to spare!

Suze – Friend. Likes germs, slash and the Winchester brothers.

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) – I grew up here. Subject to weekly invasions by weekend warriors. Many mosquitoes.

Bandar Utama - Current residence. Ten-minute walk from 1Utama mall, only we always drive there.

Bandar Seri Coalfields - Future neighborhood. Hope I haven't jinxed it :(