Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do 3 sets of 10; rinse, repeat

So, it's still pretty early this morning when I get my running shoes on and am about to traipse out the house when my mum wanders out of her bedroom.

"Where are you going?" she says.

"Gonna have a jalk," I reply.*

There is a moment's silence as she, who attends yoga, aerobics, resistance band training and something called "BodyPump" on a regular basis, mulls this over and eventually says, "Whoa... why?"

Because I've lost 3 kilos so far and would like to keep them off, THAT'S WHY. 

* jog-walk. I'd say "wog" but I'm not Carol Thatcher (wog -> gollywog -> Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, apparently)


Snuze said...

A jalk, eh? Do you do it in the evening too? Am trying to get into the habit of regular exercising and am thinking of the TTDI park for walkies location.

You available after 6?


Angela Gripesalot said...

the only reason i do it early in the morning is to avoid the evening crowd and humidity (i'm high maintenance like that)