Thursday, May 19, 2011

The importance of being prepared

My mother and I had the following conversation at a "luggage fair" while looking for a bag capacious and handy enough to lug around for 2 weeks:

Me: I'm gonna look for a haversack.
Mum: It'll be heavy; you'll have trouble carrying it.
Me: Yes, if I carried on my head, for sure.
Mum: *grumble*
We: *browse*
ME: OMG LOOK at this one! It's for 80 liters! It looks just like the one [cousin] brought when he came to KL! I should get it! Everything will fit into it!
Mum: It'll be HEAVY.
Me: But [cousin] has one...
Mum: [Cousin] is a lumberjack*, he can handle an 80 liter backpack!
Me: [Cousin] is NOT a lumberjack ffs; he works in timber!

So, I don't have a backpack taller than me, but I do now have a backpack that is about half my height and looks deceptively small. Things disappear inside its gaping maw and retrieving them feels like I'm risking a trip down the rabbit hole.

Yes, it is comfortable; what's more, it comes with an operating manual and a loop for an ice axe. It has more snaps and buckles than I ever imagined could fit on a bag, too, and I'm slightly afraid of getting tangled up in it when I put it on, much less turn turtle.

* Everyone knows there are no such things as lumberjacks anymore; only chainsaws.


Snuze said...

Let's hope you never turn turtle!

Have a good trip!

Angela Gripesalot said...

thank you! the possibility of turning turtle is probably why they included an ice axe loop (for an ice axe, dontcha kno) XDD