Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sexy Sunday

I love alliteration. Anyway:  

Liu Ye in drag (Cillian Murphy, eat your heart out!) for his photobook titled Catching shadows twentysix (2005)

I first saw Liu Ye in The Underdog Knight (2008). He played a brain-damaged soldier who takes it on himself to defend his friends and neighbourhood against “the bad guys”. 

bitch... uh, yes please (image from

As a model, Liu Ye (who, like Chuck Norris and Solomon Kane must be referred to by his full name) exudes cool in the same manner one Tony Leung does. Like Tony Leung, the roles he takes on are eclectic and varied, including that of a villain in Hong Kong’s remake of Cellular, titled Connected (2008) and a man’s young lover in Lan Yu (?2002).  

He got married in 2009 to a French woman, which is interesting enough in itself; I thought you needed permission from the Chinese government to marry outside the country. 

However, seeing pictures of the ceremony fairly broke my brain – he wore a kippah, a freakin' yarmulke. I don’t know if he actually practices Judaism, but again, I’m interested to hear the Chinese government’s take on it. 

Image from

It all seems to have worked out nicely for him though. Bless.


Snuze said...

If it wasn't for the man hands, that sure is one pretty girl who is very retro.

If he practices Judaism, there are synagogues in Shanghai.

You know what was the word verification?



Angela Gripesalot said...

Girl pic: I know right?? Funny how he also used a curly wig ala Murphy in Breakfast on Pluto though, albeit brunette to Murphy's blond concoction.

Religion: I think he lives in France now, but either way, it'd be interesting to see. It appears that Johnny Depp has started a trend of male stars moving to France.

Captcha: I feel as if I'm being watched O_O

zlkmhd said...

cillian murphy in drag looked pretty good to me :P

Angela Gripesalot said...

Yes, yes he did. He sends me to my happy place, that one does.