Monday, August 26, 2013

Overheard during Ramadhan

An older Chinese man (C) strikes up a conversation with a younger Malay man (M) at the post office: 

C: Wah, now you're fasting huh? 
M: Yep. 
C: Wah, can't be easy, huh? 
M: Nope. But it's ok once you get used to it. 
C: Hm, that's true. 

A few seconds of silence pass before C speaks again. 

"Actually fasting isn't that hard whut. When I was younger ah, I couldn't afford to have lunch every day, so I just had breakfast and went to work lah!" 
M: You don't say... 
C: Ya lah, it's kacang,* man! 
M: Erm... 
C: But if you're a contract worker** and you puasa*** then I really tabik**** you lah! 
M: Yeah, that's pretty difficult for them, can't imagine how they do it. 
C: Yeah man, really respect them! 

* Small potatoes 
** Day labourer 
*** Fast 
**** Salute  

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