Monday, June 2, 2014


To mark our tenth year together, Enfant Terrible and I got married. At first, I thought of posting this on 06 June, which would've been our 1-month anniversary, but timing is not my strong suit.

Anyway, married. With a ring and all that (not my idea). Have put pen to paper and made honest people of each other, as they say.

What is it like to be married? I didn't expect this bliss, certainly. I didn't think that it'd be possible to be even happier to have him than I already was. I wonder how long it will be before the novelty of calling each other "wife" and "husband" wears off. (I was still referring to him as "boyfriend" a few days after we got registered.)

Anyhoo, there's still the sticky issue of the reception. Some people don't consider a couple "properly" married until they have it. To such people, I'd say, "Go mooch elsewhere."

Of course I want to celebrate the union though, but it will be on our terms, which might see a few Rammstein songs being played. Cool.

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