Monday, June 9, 2014

Safety in (relative) obscurity

Yesterday, I got to know a girl who used to be a lawyer, and her boyfriend, who is a pilot. Together, they've fielded more than their fair share of asinine questions only slightly related to their jobs. Did you know that there are many aspects of law? A lawyer who specializes in conveyance might not be able to give you the information you need for your divorce proceedings.

As for the pilot, social events have become a nightmare for him after MH370 went missing. I'm sure he wants to know what happened as much as everyone else does, but he's not an aviation forensics investigator, so asking him where he thinks the plane might be is an exercise in futility. Besides, it's probably the hundredth time he's heard it, so I wouldn't blame him if he made up an improbable story just for laughs.

As for me and Enfant Terrible, no one can fathom what a medical editor does, and there are virtually no scandals involving music teachers, so we get to smile and way as much cake as we can without anyone noticing.

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