Monday, December 29, 2014

Honeymoon over

Guys, it finally happened to me: I met one of those people so devoid of conversational topics and firmly entrenched in their conservative mindset that the first thing they ask a newly married person is why haven't they had kids yet. Because fuck you, that's my business, that's why.

I mean, ask me how married life has been, what it's been like using "we" instead of "I", or how many carats my ring has, even (I don't remember where my ring is, I hate jewelry, tqvm).

Of course, I'm not the only person from my generation to not have kids within 7 months of getting married (if you do, rest assured I can do the math for that, hur hur hur, but I won't judge you), so I sympathize with my friends who are in the same situation.

For those who can't imagine WHY baby-making isn't a priority for us, please consider the following:

  • We might not want kids yet. 
  • We're might not able to afford kids yet. 
  • We might want to live together alone for a while, enjoying and luxuriating in each other's company. 
  • We might want to travel together lightly, and get into trouble without worrying whether there will be someone left to raise the lil 'un. 

I just realized: once you have kids, it's you with them forever. You can only be alone with your spouse for that short time before that. So fuck you, biological-clock-is-ticking lecturers, it's for my husband and I to decide how we spend our life together. Or shall I ask YOU when your next kid is coming, or why you aren't trying for a boy after all girls you've had?

Unfortunately, I still have to see my uncle's father-in-law at family gatherings, so I just smiled and said we wanted to get as much practice as we could.

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