Saturday, January 10, 2015

Morning mania

Guys, listening to the call in radio show this morning made me remember why I stopped listening to radio shows. The girl presenter was teasing the boy presenter about his film choices, which were romantic dreck such as Twilight and Titanic.

Titles beginning with T and questionable taste aside, girl presenter's view was that such films are unmacho, therefore macho guys worth their machismo shouldn't watch them, much less enjoy them. There's so much gender stereotyping behind that view, I almost knocked the radio off the shelf, though I didn't because it's not mine.

Even better, they aired a listener's call. This woman opined that guys with unmacho film tastes such as the boy presenter are husband material, as opposed to the bad boys, whom you don't get married to because they're, well, bad boys. The listener said she was married to one such (boring) husband material type and she's only begun to appreciate it after SEVEN YEARS of marriage and after having a kid with him.

So right now, it sounds like the good guys are to be left alone until a girl decides she's had enough partying and wants to settle down? There's absolutely no guarantee that any of these people will stay the same, you know what I mean?

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