Thursday, February 25, 2010

Storming the Keep

I actually tried to wait out one of the Klang Valley's most epic storm of storms in my car on Tuesday across the road from my house (no umbrella).

This, after having driven on zero-visibility roads, over every broken branch lying on said roads (4-wheel drive wot) and through horizontal rain as ferocious winds threatened to sweep me, Kembara and all, away to Oz.

Sure, I pretended Zeus was having another hissy fit, but that's entertaining for only 10 seconds. Seriously, how can the supreme Olympian be subject to such tantrums? Obviously the Greeks wanted us to know that wisdom and forbearance don't naturally accompany massive doses of over-testosteroned raw power.

The rain hadn't let up either, and I was beginning to wonder which would get me first – a freak lightning bolt for my blasphemous thoughts or carbon monoxide buildup? I even toyed with the idea of shielding my head with my brand new stainless steel bowl and running back to the house until I remembered that mixing lightning with metal can get messy.
O stainless steel bowl
So perfect for the egg whites
So useless elsewhere
I thought to myself "even if I have no lightning protection, there must be some way I could get to the house without having to run too far through the rain."

Then it hit me like a lightning bolt from Zeus himself: I could park the Kembara right in front of the house.

Not my shiniest moment. Good thing I was alone.

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