Monday, February 22, 2010

An Uphill Struggle

You know you're in trouble when your boyfriend's laconic father looks closely at you at breakfast and says, "You've gained weight ah? Your face is much rounder now!"

I'm tempted to do what anyone else would and blame the CNY goodies, but you don't pile on the same number of kilos as I have in the span of a week.

The consequences for every time I helped myself to another spoon of rice are mocking me from their position around my midriff!!! Even my shadow casts its own shadow now.

I can't have lipo cos it costs too much (though of course you lose weight quickly... money too), and I'm not joining a gym because I don't see the point of paying someone to bully you (sorry my fitness trainer-type friends). I can understand the attraction of comfort eating now.

BUT, I will eat only celery. Win-win all the way.

Still, how hard can it be to cut back ever so slightly at every meal, right? forget that diet food stuff. And plodding consistently around the running hill track thing just minutes away from your home? Running for weight loss works, right??

I just need to avoid that creepy old dude.*

The hardest thing so far has been not signaling for refills at the banana leaf restaurant. God knows how that big green leaf just cries to be filled with MOAR RICE.

* Have only told Enfant Terrible and Freddy Ever Ready the story. Only one of them may live.

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Eyuuuuuhhhhhccckkk ...

Why not carrots? It tastes nicer.