Friday, May 31, 2013

Dirty hippie rule

Do you realize that you needn't bother with remembering to clean your hairbrushes if you don't have any?

Rather than wondering what girl in her right mind would eschew a hairbrush, why not think about why we use them when we have 2 perfectly serviceable hands that can do the job instead?

I don't remember what I was surfing for at the time, but coming across the concept on a long hair forum (who knew??) made me sit back and think about what I'd been doing all this while. 

(I know it sounds self-centered, but it's my hair, dammit, I want to look good! And we can't all be Erykah Badu.)

Anyway, good on me. There is less frizz, I don't have to make sad jokes about taming the thatch anymore, I haven't been to the hairdresser in ages, and I have no split ends. This is a big deal for girls like me who have long curly hair, and who are apparently known as curlies (I hope there's a t-shirt or something for it out there).


Snuze said...

Curlies sounds vaguely dirty ... you know what they mean when they say that they're combing for curlies ... it's not for people like you and me.

I do like it when you share all these tips. I've tried the baking soda (I cheated and put it in my shampoo instead) and it actually worked out well. Nao just to get the guts to actually do the baking soda shampoo as it is meant to be.

*girds loins*

Angela Gripesalot said...

Hope the "pure" baking soda shampoo worked out for you!

... I actually don't know what "combing for curlies" means. Pubes? What?