Sunday, April 5, 2015

Allow me this

Neil Gaiman likes to present himself as a quiet, slightly awkward and sometimes self-effacing writer. Amanda Palmer's occasional comment on how he's grumpy when writing/waking up/sleepy/cold/trying to write adds to the image of a man just trying to do what he's decent at, dammit, and just write.

At least, that's what I always thought until I saw a post on Facebook announcing the redesign of his site and a request for visitors to report anything broken. The webgoblin* (formerly elf, I think) is answering queries through Gaiman's account, so it looks as if the man himself is checking replies just like one of us thirsty mortals. (Webgoblin signs off as webgoblin, though, so you can't claim they're fooling you there!)

If that isn't dashedly clever way of getting many more site visits and increasing web visibility even more, I don't know what is. Amanda Palmer should take notes here, because the King of the Internet is in town.

*The least known member of the Osborn family.

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