Friday, April 3, 2015

Minding others's business

I wonder how Victor Chia's wedding planning is going. I heard about him on radio about 2 weeks ago: he won a contest to plan his own wedding with a budget of RM30k.

The catch is, the wedding is in 9 days from today?! So it's less of a wedding planning thing and more of a get as much done as you bloody well can or so help you, everyone will be deeply unhappy. No pressure.

There was some piss-taking when he announced the theme (Pokémon-Gundam). The radio announcers wondered whether it'd be considered a lame idea. Not that it's anyone else's business, and it's not as if the radio station gets to make any planning calls in this regard. After all, they gave him the money. They helped create the monster!

I think it will probably be cute. The bride and groom parties will have killer anime hairstyles. Sharp dressing will abound. If all goes according to plan, Victor will have the head of a mecha on the stage!

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