Saturday, April 25, 2015

The accidental minimalist

I'm staying with Enfant Terrible (AND HIS MOTHER)* while waiting for the construction of our house to be completed.

I miss my home, mainly because at home, I just need to unlock the front door and step outside the gate to get out, whereas here, I have to walk down the corridor, get in the lift, and go down 5 floors and past the guard house before I trip over a pothole. This disconnect makes it hard to remember that I'm still in the Klang Valley sometimes. (This might be why people are depicted in lacking in empathy and compassion in dystopian future settings.)

But my point actually is: space is a premium in this apartment. So, when I moved in, I decided to bring only the essentials. As it is, my belongings, including my laptop, clothes, toiletries, bags, footwear, occupy 2 drawers.

To be specific, I have about 5 shirts (for going out and exercising), 3 pairs of trousers, 3 sets of "house clothes" and pajamas,** and a week's worth of underwear.

More variety would be nice, of course, but I don't miss the stuff I left at home. I can't imagine going back to the old ways once the house is ready. Maybe I'll have a main wardrobe and rotate things from the auxiliary wardrobe. Who knows?

*This was to be ET's parents's retirement apartment, while his sister and her family moved into the family house.
**I could pare this down, but I really like my joke boxers and cheeky tank tops.

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