Friday, March 5, 2010

I should be working

Smart: stuffing ice cubes into a sock then stuffing that sock into another sock to make a cold compress that won’t fall off your foot.

Not so smart: keeping it on so long that the ice melts and soaks both socks, resulting in a curious sloshing sound when you walk around.

I have managed to sprain the top of my foot somehow. It has greatly impaired my ability to scuttle swiftly away from creepy old dudes in the park (yes, we're still on that topic). Speaking of the dude, he's now taken to dressing like a regular old dude, i.e. belted, pleated polyester* trousers neatly tucked into a casual collared shirt. Well, you can't fool me, mister!

Why the resentment? It could have everything to do with me being polite enough ("idiotic") to chat with someone whose friendship I have no interest in cultivating. This person doesn't even remember my name and wants to go for a teh tarik "nearby" and suggests he drive us there. 

THIS, despite the fact we're merely park buddies ("nodding acquaintances" as it were), I've spoken to him a grand total of FIVE times and you just don't get into cars with strange men wtfwtf.

So yes, I felt strangely threatened by this strangely babyish, gnome-like, toothless** dude. It might be I don't know what to do with adults who are smaller than I am.

* These trousers are always made of polyester.
** "What are you afraid of? I don't bite!" yeah right.


Snuze said...

OMG maybe you should change your deodorant. Something that will mask that "SYT will blow gormless old dudes for teh tarik" pheromone that you evidently exude like a cat in season. (pardon the earthiness)


Angela Gripesalot said...

no offense taken. who wears deo to work out??? evidently I'm missing a lot here...

Snuze said...

Aha! The lack of deo mos def underscores your chemical attractiveness to creely old dudes.

Just sayin'.