Monday, March 1, 2010

Operation Losing It: Day 14 Progress Report/Weekend Review

Trousers A fit much better now. I still need to work on Trousers B. Portion control has suffered a slight setback thanks to the concerned manager at my banana leaf haunt, but it's nothing a few laxatives can't purge (I'm kidding).

That's it, really. And the weighing scale doesn’t creak as ominously as it used to. Go, me!

I also have sunburn from watching tennis over the weekend. The announcer had an uncertain accent and Ning Baizura needs to work on her "pitching" because god knows no one can accompany her on the national anthem if she keeps using that tone of voice with me.

Still in the vein of physical wellbeing, Uncle Toni obviously knows something about physiotherapy that eludes the rest of us. The "raunchy" Shakira Gypsy video* wot features one Rafael Nadal at HCFoo's is about as sexy as a bag of kittens despite some serious skin being shown.

Wafa was gauche, though he obviously looks nice when he's dripping wet, and appeared awkward when flirting with her. At one point, I'm pretty sure his expression is saying, "Look mama, BOSOMS!" If you've seen the way he fidgets during TV changeovers, I'd guess it took a lot of willpower (and numerous takes) for them to get those shots of him sitting quietly, although the pretty lady dancing in front of him probably helped a lot.

He was might have been wondering why he had to take his shirt off and was probably immensely relieved to take off running from said chair (also a pointless scene).

I didn't think much of the song either – it sounds she like set out to do something bluegrassy but wound up with something James Horner left out of Avatar.

Conclusion: next time you want a co-star, it might behoove you to ask someone in the entertainment industry, and not just any random Spanish-speaking tennis player. In fact, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Fernando Verdasco should have been in the video.

* Lyrics include "I'm a gypsy/I might steal your clothes/if they fit me" 


Snuze said...

Gonna have to go look up the earlier posts to understand why you need to lose anything at all. Dude, your waist is about as big as my thighs.

*is puzzled but kinda supportive*

Angela Gripesalot said...

thank you my kind friend. it's been ages since you've seen me though, and age is not on anyone's side XD

Snuze said...

Hmmm ... it appears that we should make a date for drinks or something. Not as if we live on opposite sides of the moon, it it? More like the LDP. :p