Monday, March 8, 2010

Operation Losing It: Day 21 progress report

Portion control just doesn’t fly well when your dad insists on a sit-down dinner every Sunday. Still, it's only one day in the entire week, right? I'm just happy it's not a dinner party for which I have to cook!

On the bright side, I'm getting back some of the wicked definition I had, oh, 2 months ago. The party-pack has yet to accept its destiny is to be a six-pack, but we shall overcome! In fact, Enfant Terrible and I arm-wrestled at the BLR* and it ended in a draw.

It's also ironic that my foot feels so much better now considering I'd bought a bandage for it yesterday. I think it means the bandage is some sort of magic device. Ice works great too!

* Banana leaf restaurant, naturally.

ETA: I have been advised to clarify that ET allowed the arm-wrestling to end in a draw, and that this episode does not reflect unfavorably on his own manly self. 


Snuze said...

Dude, you got a draw with your BF in arm wrestling? What have you been doing? Bench pressing your own weight ka?

And tell me more about this portion control thing. It is a concept that is entirely alien to me.

Angela Gripesalot said...

portion control: i'm trying out the "eat palm-sized servings of protein, veg and carbs" thing. i try circumventing the ever-present temptation to refill by pretending it all becomes another layer on my butt. lol

Snuze said...

Palm sized? Like your own palm or Shaq O'Neil's palm? Or is it palm leaves? Inquiring minds want to know.