Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emphatically so

It's a bad idea to watch something like True Blood in the wee hours of the morning - you have to stop yourself from squealing in (self) recognition when Eric Northman, the Sheriff of Area Five, coolly informs the vampire interrogator that Fangtasia's basement is spotlessly clean because "I'm a Virgo".

Then, you surf over to the sports channel and have to stuff your knuckles in your mouth (to keep quiet) because there's a sweaty, muscled Spaniard slowly, but surely, pounding a raffish-looking Serbian in to submission.

Conclusion: late-night TV is bad for me.

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Snuze said...

Yanno, the Tv Eric Northman is simply not working for me. I still prefer the books to the television adaptation.

However, I do prefer the TV Dexter to the one in Jeff Lindsey's Darkly Dreaming Dexter series; the tv one is better fleshed out with great humanistic inadvertencies (he is, after all, a sociopath) and fabulous humour.

The Serbian pounding phrase took me to dark and delicious places. Thank you. Just what I needed. Not. :p

Angela Gripesalot said...

you did say you were over the whole Inception slash phase thing. I was just trying to fill the void, never mind if there actually is one :D