Saturday, March 28, 2015

Different wavelengths

I heard a radio ad the other day. It was something about a contest and having the guy plan the wedding with a budget of RM30k.

I could totally work with that sum. Of course, mine is a small do, so maybe some of the contestants will have to do a catered thing under a canopy-type event if they have a longer guest list.

Anyway, my point is, after the ad was played, they played a clip where they'd asked a girl something or other (I don't know what her profession was) what she thought of the guys' ideas. And she basically called them idiots for thinking they could plan a wedding in that short a time and with that budget and have fun doing so. I think she also said "nightmare", which is kind of giving too much weight to a wedding.

I mean, it's just one day (or so, depending on your budget). Unless you engage Ron Ben-Israel to do the cake (which averages out to US$15 per slice), Maroon5 to perform, and Trappist monks to brew bespoke booze, it's just 1 day out of the year. Your special day, of course, but still a speck in the grand scheme of things.

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