Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just shoot me

It's nice to feel wanted once in a while. Like when half a dozen guys are jockeying for position, gunning to be the service shooting your wedding party.

Of course the price is a big deal to me. It's for one dinner, so I can't even begin to imagine how some photogs charge up to RM8k for it. Unless they come equipped with a mobile studio/lab, in which case more power to them.

(It seems like Malay photographers charge less than Chinese, and I found only one Indian photographer. I'm not vetting by race, obviously, but it's interesting to see the racial breakdown and whether styles are similar in one race of photographer.)

If you look at enough portfolios, you come to realize that wedding photos have a distinct style. I don't know what they looked like, say, 10 years ago, but right now it's #filter #grainy #washout. When one photographer does it, it's unique. But practically everyone I've looked at applies the same approach, so you have to wonder about the disparity in prices.

PS I'm tired of shots of the shoes and the clothes hanging out waiting to be worn. Maybe the photo should suggest something more salacious for me to be interested, heheh.

At the moment, I'm getting good feeling about this one service based nearby. Their photos are more about capturing the moment (er...) and they're not edit- and filter- crazy like the others seem to be. One niggle is that one of the photographers contacted me on his own after I'd made enquiries through the main channel, so it looks like he's trying to undercut the others. I suppose it won't matter if the photos turn out great, but it still feels odd.

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