Monday, March 30, 2015

On planning

We have arranged a food tasting! Based on our number of guests, our venue coordinator suggested a buffet instead of our originally intended served (table d'hôte?) dinner, which would give our guests something to do throughout the evening.

Things just become more real the more deposits you put down.

I'm looking at clothing now. Those who've met me will twist their brains into knots trying to picture me in a sweet feminine dress. I know that because my head still hurts. I looked at (in no particular order), Zalora, Twenty3, Femme-Elegante, and Lazada (a navigational PAIN IN THE ASS) last night, and nothing in particular caught my eye. There's the gorgeous stuff at RAD, but none of it looks like it's my size.*

I can see how planning can be fun, and I also see why bridal support forums are so popular.

*I have supermodel limbs and a regular-sized butt, also: short...

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