Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Elastic, man

I've been doing yoga for almost half a year now, and I find it pretty amazing that I've stuck to it and that it continues to interest me.

It's different from road/trail running obviously because there's virtually no impact,* though you do get sweaty if you're doing things properly. It's also a good excuse to buy more exercise gear.

At the risk of sounding hippy dippy, yoga is an inward journey. Come to think of it, so is long-distance running: when else can you hear your inside words clearly than when it's nothing but you, the trail, and the occasional monkey/big ass** monitor lizard. Eventually, you start wondering why you're out among the trees like a lost would-be elf when you could be binge-watching something at home and having something nice made from chocolate.

The answer is that you can do all that after your run, and feel happy about the fact that you've experienced a bit of how our paleo ancestors lived. Or something.

Running is about going farther (bear with me, ok) whereas yoga involves elongating and expanding within your present form. Did that make sense? Thought not. I tend to imagine my non-physical self moving elastically beyond confines of my physical self when I do yoga, if that helps.

That said, the only time my yoga instructor's advice makes sense is after I work out how a move is supposed to be done. Maybe that's where the appeal lies.

*Jnless you fall out of your headstand, unconscious.
**Saying "big-ass" means that the lizard eats more than it needs.

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