Sunday, March 22, 2015

On spirits

I'm figuring out how much wine I should buy for my wedding. "Enough" is a really poor answer, by the way. First thing is, the vendor should accept returns of unopened bottles though, right? On the other hand, the extras make good gifts a few years later.

[ETA] The new term I've learnt is "NV", or "non-vintage", meaning it's ready to drink immediately (hurrah) it's from a non-vintage year (how do you decide that?) and is blended. The Kitchn said so.

If you browse "western" wedding advice, it says to estimate 0.5-0.75 bottles per guest for a 2 hour dinner or something like that, assuming each bottle holds 750 ml.

Or, you divide the number of guests by 2.15. I guest guess that assumes your guests don't drink all that much.

On the other hand, a local wine supplier advises 1.5-2 (750 ml) bottles per 10 guests. I suppose this is based on the number of people you'd have per table at a traditional Chinese banquet, and that the servers do the pouring. This one actually provides the lowest estimated bottles needed.

Also, not everyone will be drinking, though I assume those who are cabbing it to the venue will request refills more frequently.

I have to arrange tasting sessions too. If only we could just go with the nicest estate/varietal names and be done with it.

I can see why people elope.

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