Sunday, March 29, 2015

Minor miracle

I've caught on all my work and have completed this week's modular assessment re: short online course. I have nothing scheduled today. I'm sure I've forgotten something major...*

What did you do during Earth Hour last night? I and everyone else at the mall forgot about it.

That said, service at Chili's 1 Utama was stellar, and so was the food. We had the Texas Cheese Fries with Beef Chili and Jalapeño Quesadillas with Guacamole, which were tasty and filling and non-bank breaking.

I like it when food descriptions are accurate. Both items came with jalapeño chilies, which are the big green fat spicy ones, and not the longer narrower ones you find in yong tau foo. They didn't skimp on the beef in the beef chili, and it was a joy to actually be able to see the spicy beef slices in the quesadillas. You know how it is at some places: you get a mere whiff of bovine goodness and that's all.

Maybe we were seated in a good corner, but our server and the section manager seemed especially attentive despite the weekend crowd.

*We have not arranged a food tasting.

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