Friday, March 6, 2015


Guys, I finally renewed my driving license! It had expired last year; a week later, it became the ridiculous sad exercise of "I'll find the time to do it next week" which, naturally, stretched into this year. Fortunately, it was still within the 3-year renewal period, after which I would've had to retake my driving exam. Even back then, I had to repeat it, and barely squeaked past the passing grade. If that isn't ample proof I don't do well in real-world situations, I don't know what is.

I renewed it via that MyEG site. That itself took 3 tries, as I got error messages the first 2 occasions. Maybe the site is incompatible with tablets or other mobile devices, but I got the transaction done on my laptop.

The best bit is that it was delivered the very next day. What makes it even cooler is that my transaction took place after 12 noon, and you know how some businesses say they process orders at  certain times. So this was quite brilliant. Or maybe it's my tax ringgits at work. Either way, it worked for me. Now to remember what those pedals do.

Also, would you still need a driving license if/when self-driving cars become the norm?

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