Monday, March 9, 2015


Planning a wedding seems oddly similar to moving into a new home. For both instances, the first and apparently most important thing is the location. A small wedding venue makes it easier to keep the guest list down to your tightest and whitest. In our case, and it's not because we hate people, we're inviting only our families and possibly my late father-in-law's friends.

If you're talking about an actual home, then mine is in a pretty remote location as far as this born-and-bred Klang Valleyite is concerned. The address says it's in Sungei Buloh, but the post office has it in Kuala Selangor, i.e., the next district. I hear the seafood there is pretty good.

Still, we made a commitment to the place (and to the mysterious wedding venue) becasue we, to use a cliché, fell in love with it (them?) at first sight. That is, we drove to the construction site and had a look around (and we drove into downtown Kuala Lumpur to recce, as it were) and decided that yes, this would be nice.

If the construction is completed as scheduled, then I look forward to hosting a housewarming party next year, and you can hold me to that (I quite like Indian food, so I hope my guests do too) :D

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