Monday, March 23, 2015

Food post

Enfant Terrible has complained that I'm all up in his face over this wedding. Hey, I suggested that we do it next year but noooo, and I'm the one stressing him out? I just want to get the details and vendors down at least month before the event, is that too much to ask?

Anyway, imaginary comfort eating has been the order of the day this weekend because I'm fascinated by Mr. Donut at Aeon 1Utama. I know, the booth has been there for years, but I only visited it last week and you know how people like me obsess with new things to the point of hypersaturation.

If you don't already know, they sell 2 types of donuts. As in, one is made with regular wheat flour or whatever, and the other is made with mochi flour and is called "pon de ring". I can't even begin to imagine what that means. Why didn't anyone tell me about mochi donuts earlier?!

Just so you know, a pon de ring donut is shaped like a baby chew toy or a closed chain of cocci bacteria. Round segments in a ring. They're chewy and not at all fluffy, and stick to your teeth. They give your jaw a good workout. I think I'm fascinated with them because the first ever one I had was something divine with a white glaze topped with candied orange and almonds. So Japanese it hurts.

Naturally, ET doesn't share my interest, so I will just have to ignore him rolling his eyes and sighing heavily the next time I'm deciding between the green tea and strawberry glaze pon de rings (pons des rings?).

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